How To Play Mega Jackpot and win with betting tips Ke

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How to play mega jackpot predictions today

Mega jackpot was introduced to after a successful inception of Midweek jackpot. That’s the reason we offer mega jackpot predictions today, tomorrow and everyday of the week. Sportpesa initially used to offer only sportpesa jackpot which is currently referred to as Midweek Jackpot. After its immense success in terms of heavy money generation for the sporting giant sportpesa, Mega jackpot was introduced.

Mega jackpot usually contain 17 matches mostly drawn from England’s leagues. The reason for this is pretty clear as most matches in England are pretty hard to predict the winning team. You do not have to correctly predict all the 17 matches to win midweek jackpot. You can get bonuses when you correctly predict 13/17 ,14/17,15/17 or 16/17 matches in midweek jackpot. The bonus price amount varies with the number of punters who have won.

There are several ways to on how to play mega Jackpot predictions today and win:


  • Via sportpesa website.

All you need here is to have an account with sportpesa. After logging in to your account, visit the jackpot page to place your bet. All you need is to click on the teams you think will win. After that place your bet which will cost you ksh.100.

  • Bet Midweek Via SMS

To bet on Mega jackpot you need to have an account with sportpesa. You will require to load your account with ksh.100. Then you will need to enter your predictions in an SMS format then send it to 79079. An example;

MJP#212x2121xx112211x to 79079.

Each SMS will cost you ksh.2.

  • Bet Mega Jackpot using Sportpesa app.

This is the easiest way according to me when it comes to betting on Mega jackpot.

Download Sportpesa app from hereĀ Sportpesa App.

Once you have the app, login then load your account with ksh.100. Afterwards visit the jackpot page and place your bet.

  • Bet Mega Jackpot using USSD.

How to play mega jackpot prediction today

Placing mega Jackpot through is also an easy way especially to those who do not have reliable internet connection. Just dial *790*1# to bet on Mega jackpot. This service will cost ksh.3.

We offer sportpesa jackpot predictions. Our predictions are meant for those who have never won any bonus amount in either midweek jackpot or mega jackpot. To get our predictions via SMS simply, pay ksh.120 to Mpesa Till number 695707. Predictions are sent immediately the payment is verified.

How to play mega jackpot prediction today

You can also get jackpot prediction for free when you purchase any of our premium package. Below are our premium packages:

  1. Lite package for ksh.250 that lasts 7 days
  2. Economy package for ksh.350 that lasts for 14 days
  3. Heartworth package for ksh.500 that lasts for 21 days
  4. Diamond package for ksh.650 that lasts for 28 days
  5. Business package for ksh.800 that lasts for 35 days
  6. Elite package for ksh.1000 that lasts for 42 days

Pay for the premium package of choice to Mpesa till number 695707 then a link of your account will be sent to you from where you will be getting daily free odds,free midweek and mega jackpot predictions for the period of your subscription and 5-15 MUST WIN premium odds daily. Join if you are tired of losing your bets.


You can also get our daily free sure matches hereĀ FREE TIPS.

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