Mega Jackpot Predictions 17 Games This Week

mega jackpot predictions 17 games this week

mega jackpot predictions 17 games this week

Since we started giving out the mega jackpot predictions, it has changed so many lives abruptly. The mega jackpot predictions 17 games this week in BettingtipsKe has enabled punters to win over Sh 150 Million. That is with the mega jackpot predictions alone.

Get our mega jackpot predictions this weekend by paying sh 175 to Mpesa till number 695707.

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mega jackpot predictions 17 games this week March, 2019

Our main aim has always been to win bonuses. The bonus are given to those that predict 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 games in the mega jackpot correctly.

The mega jackpot is big enough to satisfy your ego and is profitable. The minimum bonus to be won is sh 14, 768 and the maximum amount that is won as the mega jackpot bonus is Sh 34 million and can increase as long as no one wins the amount.

We have included the mega jackpot full amount which is sh 100 million and can increase up to any amount.

mega jackpot 17 games predictions

Our big break recently has been to win the mega jackpot bonus continuously for the last 7 weeks.
Although it is great to win, and we have experienced surging numbers of the mega jackpot predictions subscribers, we have to reduce the number of subscribers.

Any mega jackpot bonus won is divided equally among all subscribers. If the subscribers are many, punters end up winning unreasonable money.

We are serving now on the first come first serve basis. We now advise the rest to subscribe to subscribe to the premium tips.

Reminder, if you subscribe to the premium tips you get the mega jackpot predictions absolutely free. Below are some of our premium plans.

mega jackpot predictions 17 games this week

You can pay for the premium services through our mpesa till number 695707.

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Free betting predictions to win March 2019

Premium tips subscription are highly recommended because they are 96% accurate. This is incomparable to the mega jackpot predictions which are 80% accurate.

Through testimonials, the premium tips which are hundreds in a weeks time has been a building block in betting to very many punters. Many bettors have started winning millions through our carefully placed  multi bets.

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